Provisions Of Registration Agreement


I. Registration Fees

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€ 590.00
before 15 feb 2024

For registration and payment up to 15 February 2024 /Early fee/
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.From 16 feb to 28 FEb 2024

​​​​​​​For registration and payment
from 16 February until 28 February 2024 ​​​​​/Smart fee/
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€ 690.00
from 29 feb to 28 mar 2024
​​​​​​​For registration and payment from 29 February until 28 March 2024 /Regular fee/
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€ 790.00
 29 mar - 8 apr 2024

For registration and payment from 29 March until 8 April 2024 ​​​​​​​/Late fee/
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Walk-in rate for registrations during the event days will be applied: 9 - 11 April 2024 890.00 €.

*Prices are VAT excluded. 

Registration fee (event pass) per 1 (one) Participant includes:       

  • 2 - day access for the Event discussion panels, presentations and sessions
  • 2- days coffee breaks, buffet luncheon on 11-th April
  • Presence at the Cocktail Reception on 10-th April
  • Full networking at the exhibition area and foyer
  • Listing in the Event’s digital catalog
  • Access to exclusive networking mobile application
  • Available post event presentation slides

All prices are subject of 19% VAT
According to Romanian Tax legislation, all events that take place in the country and in person are subject to 19% VAT

II. Group Discounts

Group discounts for more than 1 (one) attendee from the same company apply and are visible in Event fees section for each active price/time slot.
For bigger groups there could be special discounts. Contact us at:
No group discounts apply for registrations during the event days (Walk-in fee).

III. Payment methods

Registrations for the Event are to be paid via bank transfer and debit/credit cards.

IV. Cancelation of participation in EuroGrainExchange 2024

Participant can cancel the participation in the Event by notifying the Organizer by written notice in due time. Participants can refund part of the paid registration fee depending on the remaining days till 10 April 2024, as follows:
IV.(1) more than 45 days prior to the beginning of the Event 70% of prepayment is returned to the Participant;
IV. (2) less than 45 days prior to the beginning of the Event the Participant is not entitled to any prepayment return. In case the Participant is not able to attend the event, it is allowed to be replaced with another person from the same company (after prior notification of the Organizer).

V. Liability Relief

V.(1) The Organizer cannot be held liable for the failure to perform or improper performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement, if it is able to prove that the foregoing was caused by circumstances beyond its control and that it could not be reasonably expected to foresee this circumstance when entering into this Agreement or avoid or overcome this circumstance or its consequences.
V.(2) The Organizer, its employees, affiliates, sub-contractors and agents shall be relieved from liability for the complete or partial default on their obligations under this Agreement, if this default was caused by a natural disaster (for example, fire, flood, earthquake, adverse weather conditions, sea freeze, volcano eruption); armed conflicts, military coup d'état, terrorist acts (including biological and chemical warfare), outbreaks of infectious diseases, epidemics, quarantines, closure of sea trade routes, public unrest, mass labor strikes, circumstances resulting from resolutions, directives or acts of the government or president or other administrative or parliamentary restrictions affecting the Organizers’ ability to perform their obligations under this Agreement, and other circumstances beyond their will or control (Force majeure), regardless of whether they are similar to the aforementioned circumstances, if these circumstances have directly affected the performance of this Agreement.
V.(3) The Organizer affected by any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraphs V.(1) to V.(2) hereof shall notify the participants within 2 business days, using any available means, about the occurring circumstances and about all other circumstances preventing the performance of obligations under this Agreement.

VI. Cancelation or Postponement of the Event

VI.(1) In the event of at least one of the circumstances specified in Article V. of this Agreement, the Organizer has the right at any time to decide to cancel the Event, and in writing to notify the Participant about this decision. By signing this Agreement, the Participant authorizes the Organizer to take all necessary actions to pay for the preparation of the Event at the expense of the Registration Fee paid by the Participant.
VI.(2) In case the Organizer decides to cancel the Event as it is indicated above, the Participant agrees that the funds remaining after the Organizer incurs all expenses in connection with the preparation of the Event will be shared among all Event participants (participants with honorary status "Sponsor" and other participants of the Event) proportionally to the amounts paid by them for return to the participants or for other purposes to be agreed between the Organizer and the Participant.
VI.(3) By signing this Agreement, the Participant agrees that in this case the Participant will not claim any compensation from the Organizer, which the Participant may incur in this regard.
VI.(4) In the event of occurrence of circumstances mentioned in Article V. hereof, the Organizer may postpone the Event at any time and notify the Participant by e-mail about this decision, stating the reasons for postponement and the new date of the Event.
VI.(5) By signing this Agreement, the Participant agrees not to demand, in this case, compensation by the Organizer of any losses that may be incurred as a result of the postponement.
VI.(6) If the Event is postponed, the Participant may cancel participation in the Event. If the Event was postponed and the Organizer has received a Participant’s written notice of cancelled participation in the Event not later than 5 business days prior to the new opening date of the Event, the Participant shall be refunded its Registration Fee less the amount of Organizer’s expenses related to preparation of the Event (all Organizer’s expenses related to preparation of the Event are disbursed among all participants and sponsors of the Event proportionally to the cost of Services they have paid).
VI.(7) If the Participant fails to notify the Organizer about cancelation of its participation in the Event within the timeframe stated in paragraph VI.(6) hereof, the Participant loses the right to cancel its participation in the Event. In that case, the Organizer will not refund Registration Fee paid by the Participant.

VII. Registration Limits

VII.(1) The Organizer may limit the number of Participants and reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse registrations exceeding such a limit.
VII.(2) The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject registrations without needing to state the reason, and without any liability thereon.

VIII. Photo Release Waiver

The Participants in the Event grant the Organizer the permission and consent to use the event photographs, videos, or other digital media (“photo”) in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration.

IX. Additional Services and Extras – Parallel Program

The activities and services referred to “Extras”, included in the “ Extras | Parallel program” section of the Event website are subject to the same clauses as the main Event itself as described in this agreement hereon and all Terms of Use and policies found on the Event website.
The Extras are available only for the attendees of the main Event – EuroGrainExchange 2024.
Participation in the Extras are on a first come – first serve basis due to limited numbers.
The Attendees may participate in the Extras after registering and paying the relevant for the chosen Extra fee.
Participants can register for the Extras during their registration to the Event or register additionally after completing their Event registration.

X. Miscellaneous

  • Participation in the Event is only valid after completing a registration form, payment and confirmation from Organizers for approved application.
  • Submission of your Registration Form constitutes your and your organization’s acceptance of the Terms of use of website and Provisions of registration agreement and other agreements incorporated in the Event website.
  • Each registered participant will receive a registration badge with his/her name, without which a participation in the Event will be impossible and the access to Event place is restricted.
  • You and your company are fully responsible and liable for any loss or damage caused by you, whether to any property (including for the avoidance of doubt the Event venue) or to individuals attending an Event. You and your organization shall on written demand indemnify and keep the Organizer, its employees, affiliates, sub-contractors and agents (“Indemnified Parties”) fully indemnified from and against any loss, damage (including statutory damages), claims, costs and expenses (including legal and other professional costs and expenses), and liabilities suffered or incurred by the Indemnified Party arising out of your breach of this Agreement, in connection with your attendance at the Event or the infringement or violation by you of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity or applicable law.
  • EuroGrainExchange 2024 will be held in a safe and healthy environment and in accordance with all applicable regulations in Romania.


LAST AMENDMENT WAS MADE ON 25 march 2024: walk-in fee introduced
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