Terms of use


General terms of use of EuroGrainExchange website

I. “Website” shall be a conference site that informs and presents the “EuroGrainExchange” annual event and provides an option for event registration via online form, by phone or email.

II. “Website operator” shall be AGRILINKHUB S.R.L. 

III.  Registered office and address of management: Republic of Romania, Bulcharest, Calea Victoriei Str, NR. 224, BL. D5, SC. 1, ET. 6, AP. 22-23, SECTOR 1

IV. Address for correspondence and complaints: Republic of Romania, Bulcharest, Calea Victoriei NR. 224, BL. D5, SC. 1, ET. 6, AP. 22-23, SECTOR 1,
tel: + 40 711 931 704 / +40 711 901 993 , email: office@eurograinevents.com

V. Entry in public registers: Register of companies as the Registry Agency of the Republic of Romania - No. Reg. Ord. com./year: J40/15499/16.11.2020

VI. Registration as per the VATA/CIF: 43333165

VII. “User” shall be every person who has visited the Website. Users shall be provided with the opportunity to register.

VIII. The General Terms of Use shall contain provisions which are binding for Users and Operator in relation to using the Website and Services by Users. Through their access and the use of the Website Users shall declare that they are aware of the General terms and conditions, they accept them and undertake to keep them. Pursuant to the regulations of the E- commerce Act, the text of the General provisions shall be published on the website and shall be accessible from the following URL address: https://eurograinevents.com/en/terms-of-use.html – in a way which allows their preservation and reproduction. At the moment of their registration Users shall expressly declare by filling out the field ‘I am aware with the general provisions and I agree with them’ by clicking on the virtual button Registration that they are aware of the General provisions, that they accept them and that they undertake to keep them.

IX. The Website and Services may be used by only users who are 18 years of age and are not put under full or limited judicial disability. By using the Website and Services Users shall declare they are active people in accordance with the applicable legislation and that there are no other impediments to enter into contractual obligations.

X. Operator shall reserve their right to send Users information bulletin (newsletter) about news and other important information in relation to using the Website and Services. By providing their e- mail address and accepting these General provisions, Users shall give their express consent for receiving commercial messages by Operator. Users are provided with the opportunity to sign off in every message.

XI. Personal data processing
AGRILINKHUB S.R.L. operates in accordance with the Romanian Personal Data Protection Act and European Parliament Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Personal data shall be processed on the ground of Art.6 (1) keeping the principles of Art.5 (1) of EU Regulation 2016/679.
1. Personal data processing purposes. Operator shall collect and process personal data for the purposes of the Services provided including for the following purposes:
– registration of the conference attendees;
– report and accounting purposes;
– statistic purposes; 
 2. Type of personal data collected. The personal data collected by Operator through the registration process include first and last name, email, company name, job title, company type, phone, invoice details for company registrants.
 3. Third-party use. The personal data processed by Operator shall be only used for the purposes for which the latter have been submitted and shall not be presented to third parties without Users’ consent excluding the cases when the personal data have been required by court authorities or officials authorized by law to require and collect information containing personal data and while keeping the normative enactments determined (e.g. The Electronic Messages Act, The E- commerce Act, The Ministry of Interior Act, etc.).
 4. Right to access and edit personal data. User shall be given the right to access his personal data and edit any incorrect information provided.
 5. Right to be forgotten. User shall have the right to obtain an erasure of personal data concerning him or her without unique delay as per the provisions of Art.17 of EU Regulation 2016/679.

XII. Other provisions:
  1. The General Terms of Use and the Website’s contents shall be accessible to Users in Romanian. In cases when the English version of the General provisions or the Website’s contents contradicts with the Romanian version, the Romanian version shall prevail.
  2. Operator may amend the General Terms any time by publishing their new version with indicating the date of performance of the relative amendments and their effective date. For Services rendered before the effective date of amendments performed the rules of the effective General Terms as at this moment shall apply.
  3. The Romanian law shall be applicable to the relations between Users and Operator on the occasion of using the Website and Services. All the disputes related to Operator’s Services which cannot be resolved by negotiation shall be resolved by the competent court of the Republic of Romania.
  4.  The parties shall declare that in case some of the regulations of the General Terms of Use becomes null and void this will not lead to invalidity of the rest of the regulations or of the General Terms of Use as a whole.

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