Exclusive shipping seminar from AGA Partners at EuroGrain 2024

AGA Partners, the leading Ukrainian law firm in international trade and arbitration (awarded in 2021 with the title of Law Firm of the Year in Arbitration Practice), will hold a special seminar for participants of Euro Grain Exchange 2024 on April 10, 9:00.

 Navigating Legal Seas: Insights into Shipping and Maritime Disputes 

The seminar is designed by AGA Partners as a half-day course covering the most relevant aspects dedicated to the recent challenges encountered in the carriage of agricultural commodities by sea. The speakers will cover the latest trends in the disputes relating to:
  • ​​​​​​​Voyage charters and their execution
  • Demurrage and detention
  • Arrest of vessels and cargo on their board
​​​​​​​Participants will gain invaluable knowledge about their rights and obligations under charterparties, understand the nuances of English law in maritime disputes, and learn strategies to avoid common pitfalls. Meet the speakers who will share their profound insights and practical advice, drawing from their almost 20 years of experience in this field:

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Ivan Kasynyuk

Ivan specializes in consulting clients in the area of international trade and shipping. He regularly represents the client’s interests in commercial arbitration at GAFTA, FOSFA, and LMAA.
Due to his extensive knowledge of English law and the peculiarities of commodities trade, Ivan is regularly involved in English court proceedings as an expert

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Iryna Moroz

A recognized expert in the field of international arbitration, international trade and shipping. Iryna Moroz has a unique experience in advising clients on all aspects of export/import contract execution and international cargo transportation. Iryna’s extensive expertise in dispute resolution includes complex commercial arbitrations at major arbitral institutions (ICC, SCC, LCIA), as well as trade and maritime disputes at GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA and RSA.

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Pavlo Lebediev

Pavlo specializes in international commercial arbitration, international trade, and cross-border litigation. His expertise includes representation of the client’s interests in high-profile arbitration disputes at GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA and LCIA. Within the last years, Pavlo has advised the clients on more than 30 arbitral proceedings and enabled them to succeed in the claims amounting to +30 mln US dollars. Pavlo regularly represents clients in complex settlement negotiations aimed at the efficient resolution of disputes at a pre-arbitral stage. 
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The seminar will encourage an interactive dialogue between speakers and attendees, fostering an environment where participants can directly engage with experts, ask questions, and discuss real-world issues they encounter in their operations. This format is designed to provide practical, actionable knowledge tailored to the challenges and opportunities faced by professionals in the agricultural trade and shipping sectors.

Only registered attendees of Euro Grain Exchange 2024 can participate in the parallel program activities! 
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