The Magnificent 5 of Crop Inputs, Precision Farming and Farmer's Strategies

The EuroGrainHub Exchange & Forum event in Bucharest brings together analysts from leading agricultural consultancy companies who will debate the current issues of grain and oilseed production and trade in Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and MENA.
Discussion panel highlights:
>> The challenges that farmers are facing in 2023 explained as never before from the leading experts at this discussion panel.
>> Crop inputs prices increased drastically and prices for grain collapsed thus slashing the margins in grain production.
>> How to make the production more effective, what strategies to implement, how far can go the precision farming – these are the answers we will look for in this discussion panel.

Input Markets, Crop Margins and Precision Farming. Farmer’s strategies.

27 April 2023 | JW Marriott Bucharest, Timisoara Room 16:00

The panel wil be moderated by Ofelia Nalbant - General Manager at Borealis LAT, Romania.
The other participants in this group discussion are:

Learn more about the brilliant bios of these experts here and do not miss to personally meet them in Bucharest this April.

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