Meet the opportunities at the hottest grain place in Europe in 2023

The full program of the EuroGrainHub Exchange & Forum 2023 event has been set. During the 2 days of seminars, discussion panels and workshops, our speakers, top analysts of the international grain and oilseed market, will debate the current market trends as well as future development perspectives. Thus, you can participate in 7 discussion panels that will bring to the fore the most important topics of the moment as well as in the Parallel program that at the moment includes 2 exclusive seminars on commodity contracts and price risks (supported by AGA partners, StoneX&CME Group).

Among the topics discussed, we mention: Oilseed markets, investments in processing capacities; The return on investment challenge. Investment in agriculture or processing; Input markets, crop margins and precision agriculture; Geopolitical factors, macroeconomics, S&D and food inflation; The Black Sea market and grain export; New market rules and strategies; Global outlook for the 2023/24 season; Changes in trade flows, etc.

If you consider that agriculture in the Black Sea countries, in the countries of central and southeastern Europe, and primarily in Romania, is becoming more and more important on the global market, in the current conditions of geopolitical risks and uncertainties, attend the EuroGrainHub Exchange & Forum to become part of the most important event in the European agricultural market in 2023.

Do not forget that this event will be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions and discuss the problems encountered in the current activity of the producer, trader, or any other participant in the grain market. If you want to be informed and then make the best decision for your business, which will bring you profit maximization, join us and you will gain expertise and best practices.
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